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Bay St Louis Fishing Charters fishing report with Head Shaker Fishing Charters!

Updated: May 1, 2023

Bay St Louis Fishing Charters
Speckled Trout Fishing

This weekend was all Speckled Trout. Saturday morning we left the docks at Pass Christian MS and headed south to the fishing grounds. The first stop was Cat Island. Cat Island can be productive this time of the year for large Speckled Trout so it was worth a shot. With the weather not cooperating and a strong wind from the north Cat Island seemed like a good bet. As we pulled up to the island to begin soaking croakers on Carolina Rigs we had stiff competition here from other fishermen and the area was very crowded. We weren’t able to fish some of the more productive areas due to the number of boats on the island, so we just settled for what we had.

The first few cast looked promising. The Charter clients had a few misses and finally connected with 2 nice Speckled Trout. After the initial flurry the fish bite slowed. As a charter boat captain on a time Charter the time comes where you have to make a valuable decision for your clients to either wait them out or make a move. With the fishing crowd being as big as it was and most of the fishing grounds covered with fisherman, it was time to make a move. Next stop was the Louisiana Marsh. With the winds still high it was a bumpy ride to the marsh, but once inside it was smooth sailing. Inside the marsh we were welcomed with dirty water due to the high winds. Dirty water is not good for fishing. As we began scouring the marsh for clean water we finally found clean water. We finally were able to being filling the cooler with Speckled Trout. We finished the charter off here with a nice box of Speckled Trout. On Sunday it was a much better weather experience in the early morning hours. The ride out to the Marsh was picturesque. The water was smooth and the sunrise in full view. We we made one stop on the way to the marsh for a area that’s known to hold big trout with no luck. The next stop was the ticket. Speckled Trout began coming in the boat as fast as I could net them. We were able to put together a nice box of Speckled Trout in just a short amount of time. Of course to close the Charter trip out Mother Nature had to show herself again and the winds came out of no where to give us a pleasant ride back to Pass Christian MS.

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