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Cat Island Speckled Trout Charters Bay St Louis

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The summer is fast approaching. Putting aside the long and hot humid days on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it is a great time of the year if you are a Speckled Trout fisherman that loves big Trout. If a large Speckled Trout is your desired fish then this is the time of the year to be on the water. I always tell my clients that Louisiana Marsh Charters are for catching numbers when it comes to Speckled Trout, but Cat Island Charters are for those seeking big trout. The Louisiana Marsh follows Louisiana creel limits which are 12" in length and 25 fish per person. Cat Island being in Mississippi falls under Mississippi creel limits for speckled trout which are 15" and 15 fish. Although the numbers are lower in Mississippi, the sizes more than make up the difference in the experience. When we charter to Cat Island we start our morning with purchasing croakers for bait. One consistency you will find with large speckled trout regardless of where you are fishing is that they love croakers. After our clients arrive and have everything stowed away aboard the boat we depart to Cat Island. Once at the island we focus on fishing known grass beds and small pot holes where they can be found. These areas are usually between 2 to 5 feet in depth and hold the large speckled trout we are after.

Once we are anchored down we use a Carolina right with a Khale hook and add the croaker onto the hook. Clients will begin casting in all directions of the boat until we locate the fish. These fish can hold in really small pockets and you can easily miss an opportunity by not covering a lot of water. Once on the bottom I explain to the clients the difference between the croaker swimming and tugging their line versus an actual bite. Another observation that I like to explain to them is that the croaker will relax after a short time and you they will no longer feel him swimming, then suddenly they will get nervous when a large speckled trout is near and begin to feel them again just before you feel a bite.

Hopefully this will give you a little insight on what to expect on a Cat Island Charter. If you aren't planning on charter fishing, hopefully it will help you as an angler. Consider Head Shaker Charters as your next Bay St Louis Fishing Charter!

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