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Large Speckled Trout Fishing Charters Bay St Louis Mississippi!

Updated: Apr 24

Fishing the Louisiana Marsh this week has been a Speckled Trout Fishing dream. Not only have the Speckled been showing up throughout the Biloxi Marsh, but the big girls have been showing up in numbers. When large Speckled Trout show up it is always a game changer to have live croakers on board for bait. These croakers can be purchased in several locations on the Gulf Coast but these were purchased in the Pass Christian Harbor. One thing large Speckled Trout have in common is the love for live Croakers.

We chartered several groups out of Pass Christian, Mississippi this past week which were all successful. We’re still battling Mother Nature and her love for windy days, but that hasn’t stopped the bite.

We have been departing the Pass Christian Harbor at 6:00 am with our clients and heading straight to some of our prime locations in the Louisiana Marsh that are known to hold these large Speckled Trout. Once at our first stop I give the charter clients a run down in Fishing with live croakers and what to expect. Clients are given their fishing poles with a Carolina Rig, rigged out with a 3/4oz egg weight and a 1/0 Khale hook. It only takes a short time for clients to realize the difference in a nervous croakers versus an actual fish strike.

The excitement of watching these clients reel in fish after fish of these large Speckled Trout is what makes a Charter Boat Captain be reassured of why they enjoy their occupation. Speckled Trout charters are my favorite and something that I really enjoy doing as a Captain. If you’re in the area of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, whether it is Bay St Louis, Pass Christian, or anywhere on the coast for that matter, consider Head Shaker Charters for your next inshore Fishing Charter. or,rc_f:rln,rc_ludocids:17399297732492491559,ru_gwp:0%252C7,ru_lqi:ChdmaXNoaW5nIGNoYXJ0ZXIgbmVhciBtZSIDkAEBSPbj6NLPsICACFotEAAQARgAGAEYAhgDIhdmaXNoaW5nIGNoYXJ0ZXIgbmVhciBtZSoGCAMQABABkgEPZmlzaGluZ19jaGFydGVymgEWQ0lITTBvZ0tFSUNBZ0lES25NS1pJUaoBFxABKhMiD2Zpc2hpbmcgY2hhcnRlcigA,ru_phdesc:bgClWVK-DeA,trex_id:XutJie&lpg=cid:CgIgAQ%3D%3D

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