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Pass Christian Charter Fishing Speckled Trout Update

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Southern Comfort Charters
Speckled Trout

This week with a few breaks in the high winds, we were able to run a few fishing charters in Pass Christian. Destination, Louisiana Marsh! As we departed this morning the winds were as they have been all week, angry! For once though the forecast showed it to lay down and it actually cooperated. We had a 2 Person charter this day with a group from North Dakota. We stopped at the top of the Louisiana Marsh and began fishing with live shrimp in a location that is normally holding larger Speckled Trout in numbers this time of the year. We were able to get a few trout here, but the sizes were smaller than normal and the fish were slow to bite so we had to make a move.

Outkast Charters
Speckled Trout

We began trying several locations further south along the outside of the Louisiana Marsh, but this area seemed to be having lingering effects from the overnight wind and the water was muddy. With this in mind we made our way back to clean water and finally found a speckled trout bite worth fishing on. Using live shrimp we began to have trout coming in the boat with every cast. You could see the excitement the clients were experiencing and get reassured as to why you enjoy being a Charter Boat Captain. These clients were able to put together a nice box of speckled trout. This was a lot of first for these clients. First fishing charter, first Louisiana Marsh fishing trip, and first time catching speckled trout. As Charter Boat Captains these are the type of fishing charters we look forward to. Great fishing, good times and making memories with our clients. We are booking charters for the summer. If you plan on being near the Mississippi Gulf Coast this year look us up. Consider Head Shaker Charters as your next Bay St Louis Fishing Charter.

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