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Speck-tacular Year for Pass Christian Fishing Charters!

Updated: May 1, 2023

Speckled Trout Fishing Pass Christian
Speckled Trout

What a year it has been for Speckled Trout fishing! Speckled Trout have been hitting the docks in Pass Christian this year in numbers that we have not seen in the past few years. Pass Christian Charter customers have experienced this first hand.What are the reasons for this? Some speculation is the recovery of the Biloxi Marsh since the back to back years of river diversions we had through the marsh just a few years back due to the Mississippi River levels. Many popular oyster reefs were killed and no longer held fish like they had in years past. As a Charter Captain we had to adapt to our new environment and change the ways we fished for Speckled Trout. With more and more oyster boats circling inside the marsh we have not only have seen an increase in the numbers of fish being caught, but they are also being caught in more places. More or less reverting back to our old game plan of fishing.

In the last few years, live bait and adapting to new territories had been our saving grace. Speckled Trout were more concentrated in smaller areas with a lot of pressure and competition from other fishermen. This year a plastic under a Boat Monkey Cork has been the ticket. I always tell my clients, "Live bait will catch you fish, but plastic loads the boat"! If you are a Speckled Trout fisherman and looking for good odds of having a very successful charter trip, this year is the year. If your looking to book a charter for the remainder of the year I encourage you to plan and book ahead a minimum of 2 weeks. The docks have been busy with clients and most Pass Christian Charter Captains are booked that far in advance. If you aren't fishing, you aren't catching. Book your next charter with Head Shaker Charters.

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